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Call for Abstracts


Abstracts are awaited in the following topics:

  1. DNA methylation
  2. Chromatin structure
  3. Developmental epigenetics
  4. Transcription and epigenetics
  5. Metabolism and epigenetics
  6. non-coding RNA

Abstracts are also welcome for all other areas of epigenetics as in the previous years.

The abstracts should be prepared according to the following guidelines:

  • Title of abstract
  • Full name of author(s), (Please write the full name for all co-authors, do not use initials)
  • Affiliation of author(s), (Working place, City, Country, e-mail address)
  • In case of multiple authors / affiliations, please use index numbers in superscript
  • Length of abstract: max 250 words
  • MS Word file, Times New Roman font type, 12 pts font size, single line spacing required
  • Text files should not contain headers or footers
  • Please avoid abbreviations, if used, please elaborate it at the first time 

Abstract template:

  • _docx_ (Word) (click the link; if the file opens wrongly, download and open on your computer)

Poster size: 90 x 120 cm  (standing portrait A0)


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